La Grande Corsa

We have 5 riders joining and suffering the entire trip. Four of them are member of the “Shuttlewise Cycling Team” and friends and family of host Martijn Elbers. They are so kind to help him through the toughest days. The last rider going for all stages is from our customer Van Dijk Logistics.

Then we have 29 other cyclists (mainly customers or business partners) joining us for one or two stages. The riders are aged between 20 and 69 and we have six different nationalities!

But before introducing all the riders we first present our driver of the “broom-wagen”, our mechanic, our host, our help and our shelter: Gabriele Lanotte.

Gabriele Lanotte – Italy – 53 years – all stages by minivan.

Gabriele is working at Shuttlewise already from the start. His office is at the terminal and he has seen the traffic grown and the area developed. He is responsible for the Italian customers and representing Shuttlewise in a perfect way in Italy. Therefore he was the perfect one to ride the entire trip with the mini-van; picking up and bringing back drivers and preparing all things necessary on this ride!

      “ What to say…pride and honor celebrating the tenth anniversary together and participating in La Grande Corsa, even as a van caddy, makes me proud to be part of the Shuttlewise team. A particular thought goes to the colleague (and not only) that Richard will look at us smiling from above! This will be a special chapter in our Shuttlewise History book.

Ride Martijn, ride!  “.

A short introduction of all riders and their motivation to join us on La Grande Corsa.

Martijn Elbers – Netherlands – 46 years – all stages.

Co-founder and director of Shuttlewise and organizer and host of this heroic ride. Will go for all stages, from his hometown Oss to the terminal in Mortara. Not only the distance, the endurance and the 9 consecutive days will be a challenge; also go to bed early and leave the customers at the bar will be a daily fight….

    “Shuttlewise is a special company with a different approach in the market. That is what made us distinctive from our competition. Our 10 years anniversary therefore also had to be a different party. I have experienced that many of our customers share the same affection about cycling. So why not spent a day on a bicycle with my customers, enable them to be part of a special journey. Besides that this is a perfect possibility to ask for attention for the Richard Nomden Foundation and to at least involve him in this special trip. We will face tough moments, like we did in the last 10 years Shuttlewise. But with perseverance, ingenuity and a positive approach it will be all worth it”.


Cees Magielse – Netherlands – 69 years – all stages

Father in law, crazy about cycling and self-named Jack of all trades. Will adjust his pace to the slowest one and with his technical knowledge about bikes he is also appointed as mechanic. Is the oldest driver of all.

“My name is Cees Magielse, 69 years old and living in Oss. Martijn is my only and therefore favorite son in law. I am a cyclist for over 40 years, riding approximately 10.000 km per year. I have some experience with driving rides of multiple days through different countries (for example from Holland to Santiago de Compostela. I am really looking forward to ride La Grande Corsa, it will surely be a fanastic experience and I will try to finish all stages”.

Gertwin Anbergen -Netherlands – 50 years – all stages

Friend and member of the Shuttlewise Cycling Team. Was immediately enthusiastic about La Grande Corsa and ready for the challenge. The h2est rider of the cycling team and we expect him as navigator in the front of the race…..

      “ We are (cycle) friends for a long time enjoying life and for sure our rides together. Helping each other out during the ups and downs is what it is all about. Trust, honesty, fun and perseverance (and sometimes a beer or wine 🙂 is what makes a friendship last and appreciated.   I join this ride because it will be symbolic to these metaphors. Next to that I know some mutual support along the road is needed to fulfil this challenge and somebody has to do that…..    However the most important is to support the Richard Nomden foundation, which I know is in your heart, and for me by joining is a small way to show my appreciation of what a fine person and good friend you are”.

Mark Smulders – Netherlands – 45 years – all stages

Friend and member of the Shuttlewise Cycling Team. Was already planning to go for a longer trip by himself but then La Grande Corsa came along. Some guys have all the luck….

    “ It has always been a dream for me to participate in a cycling tour at which you have to challenge and push yourself to the limit. And what is better than doing that together with your friend. It is also an unique way to meet other cyclist lovers and share the many tough and even more beautiful moments together. Martijn and I already had some great moments together when we climbed the Col de la Madeleine, Col de la Croix de Fer, Col de Télégraphe and the Col the Galibier in 2015. Now it is time to extend this list with some other beautiful mountains. For me La Grande Corsa combines freedom, endurance, pleasure, pain, results, satisfaction and friendship all-in-one”.

Stefan Hermens – Netherlands – 29 years – all stages

The Benjamin of the group of riders joining all stages. Working at the operational department from our good client Van Dijk Logistics and well trained and equipped for the tough ride.  

    “ I always wanted to ride for a good cause in my life. I see this trip as a huge challenge because I will ride all stages from Oss to Mortara. It will be especially nice because we ride through areas where we daily deal with on normal working days”.

David van Dinther – Netherlands – 49 years – stages 1-2-3-7-8-9

David is also member of the “Shuttlewise Cycling Team” and he will join us for six stages. He would have loved to go for the entire stage but unfortunately his work is keeping him for some days out of the race. Nevertheless he will face his challenge joining for 6 stages!

    “ It’s a great pleasure and honour for me to join my friends in La Grande Corsa. Several years we have already spoken about this cycling trip. Finally realizing this dream will be great and besides that it feels good to make a contribution to the Richard Nomden Foundation”. 

Ronald van Wijk – Netherlands – 50 years – stages 1-2-3

We are very pleased that we have a relative of Richard joining us for three stages. Already 18 months ago when the idea of this trip was mentioned to Ronald he was positive and determined to join us in order to honour his brother in law!

    “ My name is Ronald van Wijk and I am the brother in law of Richard Nomden. The reason that I join this ride is that Shuttlewise was a great part of Richard’s life. He told a lot about the company and was very proud of his work. Richard also really looked forward to this anniversary. It is an honour for me to join this ride in memory of Richard, We miss him still every day”.  

Raymond van Doesburg – Netherlands – 42 years – stages 1-2

Our customer G. Van Doesburg Transport is joining with two cyclist and both of them will ride the first two stages. Raymond van Doesburg says:

    “ Train operator Shuttlewise and G. van Doesburg International Transport are partners in business for a long time. I would like to congratulate Shuttlewise with their 10 years anniversary and I am pleased that I can give a tribute to the Richard Nomden Foundation. This is the reason that I, as an inexperienced bicycle racer, will go for this challenge. I am looking forward to ride La Grande Corsa for two days and I am already busy with the preparation of this trip”.

Harco Burgers – Netherlands – 52 years – stages 1-2

The second rider of customer G. Van Doesburg Transport is Harco; a real fanatic cyclist. Experienced and therefore we expect him to ride these two stages without any problem….

    “ Train operator Shuttlewise and G. van Doesburg International Transport are partners in business for a long time. Together and through good cooperation we can realize the performance that customers are expecting from us. This initiative is a very good opportunity to celebrate 10 years Shuttlewise. The challenge to ride as one team for the Richard Nomden Foundation in combination with the sportive part and having fun together was for me the main reason to join and support this event”.

Sam Bruynseels – Belgium – 45 years – stage 1

Our traction provider and partner Lineas also has two drivers in the first stages. With two Belgium drivers already stage 1 can be seen as an international playing field…

    “ Joining the stage to support our long term partner Shuttlewise with this unique event. Never did such a long ride before so it will be a challenge for a heavyweight like me”.

Niels Muys – Belgium – 34 years – stage 1

Niels is the second Belgium cyclist of team Lineas. Not an experienced rider and one of his biggest challenge will be to skip the beers during the lunch. For us the biggest challenge will be not to join him too long at the bar in the evening….

    “ Since I have a need for speed and a constitution which is fitting cycling in the Low Lands I choose the stage best matching this characteristics! ”.

Dave Colson – Belgium – 39 years – stage 1

Also Dave is from our partner Lineas and although his bike was kind of dusted and faded away, he started to train again to join us on the stage to his homeland Belgium. .

     “  In 2014 we started working together with Shuttlewise on the Gent <> Mortara traffic.In these 4 years we had some challenges but overall we had a very good collaboration. Therefor I’m very glad to join you on this trip to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Shuttlewise! ”. 

Carole Tireur – Belgium – 36 years – stage 1

The only female of La Grande Corsa. A well experienced cyclist and not afraid to join the men. Most probably it will be easier for here to finish than for some other riders. Carole is working at the operations of our customer NWM-Europe.

    “ Setting new goals for myself to support this beautiful initiative “.

Huub Litjens – Netherlands – 61 years – stage 1

Huub is truckdriver with our customer Van Dijk and crazy about cycling. For him a trip of 140 km is a challenge but as Van Dijk is stage-sponsor of the first stage he is more than willing to go for it!

     “ I am working at Van Dijk Logistics and really enthusiastic about cycling, road as well as mountain-bike. I heard about La Grande Corsa and I am glad that I can join for one ride, crossing place I very well know ”.

Joep Aerts – Netherlands – 43 years – stage 2

Joep is a cyclist from the Netherlands, working in Den Hartogh; our customers, partner and shareholder. Joep is a fanatical driver with enough experience to conquer Belgium and Luxemburg…

    “ I really like this initiative and I like cycling. So participation was an easy decision. Next to this, cycling is all about connecting people”.

Pascal Eggermont – Belgium – 43 years – stage 2

Pascal is from the Gent area – a “Flandrien”. Coming from Flanders you are born with the bicycle, the atmosphere, the big classic Rides. How nice he will have to cross the Wallonie Ardennes.

    “ Being able to participate in La Grande Corsa is a great honour with genuine thoughts towards Richards, a warm sympathy towards Martijn and his team. Also a personal objective to drill and burn up kilometres in order to be fit and ready! “.

Johan de Raeve – Belgium – 43 years – stage 2

Johan was not a cyclist, but especially for La Grande Corsa he started training in order to join us for one stage! Respect!! We off course hope he will like the cycling so much that he will continue with this great sport.

    “ Keeping up remembrance towards Richard in a sporty and amicable way. Looking back with gratitude and looking forward with trust”

Filip Slock – Belgium – 49 years – stage 2 & stage 9

Also Filip is not a hard core racer. He is starting the training now but I am afraid he needs to find some more time in order to get in shape for  the 150 km through Belgium. He also subscribed for the last stage, but after one week of recovery it must be possible!


        “I find it such a great initiative of Shuttlewise that they organize “La Grande Corsa” for the 10th anniversary of Shuttlewise …  being able to support the Richard Nomden Foundation and to pay homage to Richard makes it an even greater initiative !!!

Pascal Jenni – Switzerland – 43 years – stage 6

Pascal is not a well experienced cyclist but dares to join one of the toughest stages. The commercial director of SBB Cargo International wanted to join the stage from France arriving in his homeland Switzerland.

    “  Being an active part of Shuttlewise’s 10th anniversary celebration is a great honour. Of course, I would have looked forward to a nice dinner less nervous than I do currently for the biking event “La Grande Corsa”. In fact, I have sleepless nights and the famous “can-you-really-do-it?” devil is hunting me… However, to accompany Martijn and other participants on this great journey while crossing national borders is a “once in a lifetime thing”, which I do not want to miss.

Happy birthday Shuttlewise, congratulations Martjin and compliments to the whole Shuttlewise team to 10 years of successful intermodal transport! “.

Roland Gressani – France – 33 years – stage 6

Roland is the colleague of Pascal and will also join us on stage 6. Hopefully he can join us because his wife is expecting a baby in these days…

      “First of all I want to thank Martijn and Shuttlewise for your invitation to be part of that great adventure. I decided to join Martijn to support a long term partner of SBB Cargo International. We’re proud to be part in a certain way of the success of Shuttlewise and we of course feel fully involved in the story of that young and dynamic company. As well as for the future of Shuttlewise, I wish you Martijn all the best from Oss till Mortara and I’m looking forward to biking with you between Belfort and Bern!  “.

Christian Staubli – Switzerland – 43  years – stage 7

Christian is more a mountain-bike cyclist but for this occasion he will change to the racing bike. Starting in his city Bern he is open for the big challenge to climb the Grimselpass and the Furkapass. Respect for the commercial director of BLS Cargo if you are joining the King Stage without many experience!

      “ Happy Birthday Shuttlewise! Yes, we want to join the birthday party. BLS Cargo and Shuttlewise have been trustful partners for many years and we are very proud to be part of “La Grande Corsa” on the route Bern to Andermatt. Even being personally a pure “family-hobby-biker”, we accept this new challenge to climb together with Shuttlewise to the highest heights. We look forward very much to this heroic and painful trip “. 

Wolfgang Mueller – Switzerland – 41  years – stage 8

Wolfgang is the rider of our Swiss customer Bertschi. He is not taking the easy way because the stage from Andermatt to Bellagio is one of the heaviest ones. But as a Swiss mountaineer he is used to climb the Alpes.

“The idea of the Grande Corsa I like a lot. The ride on destination Oss – Mortara is a perfect way of doing charity and celebrating 10 years anniversary. Cycling is a favourite hobby since I was a child. Switzerland is a beautiful and challenging region to cycle. A famous Alpine pass and the fascinating region of Southern Alps look like the perfect stage to me”.

Peter Zittema – Netherlands – 41  years – stage 8

Peter is a Dutch guy living already many years in Chiasso Switserland and working at our customer Richard Kempers. Although he is normally only riding a mountain-bike  he will switch to the racing-bike for this special occasion. By joining us on this tough stage he is not taking the easy way we must admit.

               “To perform your best, you must be willing to work hard facing fatigue and pain. Without desire and determination to improve performances, all the other mental factors, like confidence, concentration, focus, and emotions, are meaningless. To become better, you must be motivated to do what it takes to maximize your ability and achieve your goals. This applies both to sports and to professional life. Enjoy the ride! “.

Claudio Luppi – Italy – 55  years – stage 9

Claudio is a real fanatic cyclist. Joining longer trip like Gran Fondo’s and participating also in tourist stages like Paris-Roubaix. Claudio is the director of our customer Paganella and a relation of Shuttlewise already for a long time. He was the first one to subscribe for a stage!

“The first reason to join the stage is obviously the willingness to honour the memory of Richard.  He was indeed for us representing a supplier but despite the short time we have had the occasion to share together I had the possibility to know a person whose character was clearly generous, honest with whom it was easy to establish a truly personal relationship going above the job. Moreover it is deserved to the organizer, who has had this brilliant idea joined to the foundation.

Maurizio Vallortigare – Italy – 43  years – stage 9

Maurizio is also a very experienced cyclist. He is from our customer Kube & Kubenz and Maurizio is joining many big tours. We are looking forward to see him on the last stage.

   “I use to love long riding tours, especially enjoining the effort and the panorama. During the last 3 years, I made different long trips across Europe and “La Grande Corsa” is another beautiful opportunity to meet others bikers, knowing people, places and testing myself. Perfect way is when it fits with noble reasons”.

Nicola Gardenia – Italy – 35 years – stage 9

Nicola is one of the two cyclist from stage-sponsor and traction-provider Captrain Italy. He is especially riding in the woods and mountains on his MTB but dares to take the challenge. But as the last stage is mainly going down he must be capable doing this.

         “ Is it possible to go by swim from Bellagio to Mortara? Very happy to share for a stage your amazing adventure, ready for the strains, trained for the downhill.. I promise no hidden electric engine on the bike ”.

Angelo Accomando – Italy – 49 years – stage 9

Angelo is the Commercial Manager of Captrain and he is taking the challenge. He is not experienced so started training recently in order to complete the 137 kilometres of the last stage. We are fully confident that he will survive….

   “ La Grande Corsa  is beautiful and is the challenge of the Life!  The Life should be shared with those who want to make the journey together (mickey mouse) ”.

Pieter Elbers – Netherlands – 48 years – stage 9

In the last stage Martijn will be accompanied by his two brothers. Both without any significant experience in cycling. But Pieter has a very good condition because of his running activities apart from his perseverance. He will make it till Mortara.

               “Firstly, of course I do sincerely congratulate my brother Martijn with his 10 year anniversary of Shuttlewise. A great achievement in what has not always been an easy economic time. That in itself should actually already be reason enough to join (a part of) this exiting cycling tour between Oss and Mortara Italy.

Myself, I do have a passion for running. Where ever I travel around the world, I bring along my running shoes and try to do a 10k run. Such a great experience every time!

When it comes to the bicycle tough, I am unfortunately much less disciplined….I bought 2 years ago a new bike. It’s still in great shape…stored in the garage……and literally unused… Hence, this “La Grande Corsa” provides me a superb opportunity to finally start using this new bicycle. And in such a wonderful environment and landscape of the hills of Northern Italy I have opted to join in the last part of the tour; the 140k trip between Bellagio and Mortara. Doing that with my two brothers together is both great fun and meaningful !

I really look forward to this and be part of this great event. I wish all the other participants, especially those doing the entire journey between Oss and Mortara, all success and FUN !

Joris Elbers – Netherlands – 43 years – stage 9

Joris is number three of the Elbers dynasty and convinced to join on this stage despite his weak back. He is training already for these 137 kilometres and therefore will succeed without any problem.

      “First of all, congratulations to my brother Martijn and the tenth anniversary of Shuttlewise. A milestone !!! And then, a great event, La Grande Corsa. Why do I want to participate in this great journey from the Netherlands to Mortara? And in my case, the last stage of 140 km? I am not a cyclist and not a huge sports fan. In my spare time I like to jump on my mountain bike for a nice ride through the woods. 140 km by road through the mountains is a bit different, a challenge! And how nice is it to go for this challenge with my two brothers, Martijn and Pieter? In short, a great challenge to a great event, I’m sure. So I drive myself to the limits. I’m excited. I am looking forward to it! “.

Davide Muzio – Italy – 48 years – stage 9

Davide is the Capo Terminal in Mortara, our partner since the beginning. For him it will be very special to arrive by bicycle at his own terminal, followed by the Big Party. Davide is used to ride on a MTB but has also some experience on a race bike. He will guide us to his terminal for sure!

   “  It’s a very long time I don’t ride a bicycle for such long distances. Joining “La Grande Corsa” is an exciting challenge, but I love ambitious challenges. I find it’s a great idea to celebrate with our colleagues and friends ten years of our history, running, working hard, spending time and energy together aiming to common goals”.

Francesco Speranza – Italy – 35 years – stage 9

Francesco is working at the check-in team of Terminal Mortara. He and his colleagues are traking very good care of all our customers and therefore it is a big pleasure Francesco wants to join us on the stage to his terminal.

    “ My motivation is that I like sport, very often I participate to marathons and ultra marathons(next week from San Giminiano to Siena 50 km)  but I also like to ride my mountain bike(of course for the race I provide a street bike). I’m motivated because this is a very good idea to enjoy your 10 jubilee as also being a part of Timo checkin team.

Gianni Pellegrini – Italy – 66 years – stage 9

Giovanni (Gianni) Pellegrini is the Director of our customer Pellegrini and a real fanatic cyclist. When he heard about La Grande Corsa he was immediately enthusiastic and decided to join. He is cycling a lot so despite the fact he is one of the oldest we don’t have to worry he will not make it to Mortara!

        “ It’s a great opportunity to know and meet new partners and to live a interesting journey in amazing places. In addition, I would like to test the famous strength and resistance of Dutch cyclists as everybody says”.

Karsten Büthe – Germany – 44 years – stage 9

Karsten is a German cyclist working in Italy at our partner Rinnen. Karsten is living close to the starting place Bellagio and although not experienced in longer routes he is looking forward with great confidence.

     “ I’d like to join as “Shuttlewise” is a not only a partner and won a h2 challenge, which begun 10 years ago….. and to do a cycle-trip in a kind of serious way is also a FIRST challenge for me”…

Stefano Daniele – Italy – 61 years – stage 9

Stefano is the country manager of Touax Rail in Italy and the last one to join. Touax is stage sponsor of the fifth stage but as Italian cyclist the last stage is the most convenient for him.

       “ Because I think it is a very nice initiative and when I stopped playing football, in order keep on doing sport, I start riding bicycle. I do this twice per week and ride then around 60 – 70 km”.

Emiel Slock – Belgium – 20 years – stage 9

Emiel will join the last stage together with his father. One day after doing his exam he will be challenged again, but now not at school but at the bike… Emiel is the youngest driver of the entire Corsa, so for sure no problem for him to  follow!

         “I find it such a great initiative of Shuttlewise that they organize “La Grande Corsa” for the 10th anniversary of Shuttlewise …  being able to support the Richard Nomden Foundation and to pay homage to Richard makes it an even greater initiative !!!

10 years Shuttlewise by bike from Oss to Mortara. Who dares to join me on a stage of this heroic ride with 1.362 km and 19.170 metres climbing crossing 7 countries?? Or become a sponsor and support the Richard Nomden Foundation.