Day 9: Bellagio (IT) – Mortara (IT)

Distance: 137 Kilometers
Height: 1.115 Altimeters


T.I.MO. (Terminal Intermodale di Mortara) is the management company of the Mortara intermodal system. The company aims to promote railway transport of goods through rubber-iron exchange, as well as encourage economic expansion and increase employment in the zones of Mortara and Lomellina.

TIMO is inside the Mortara Intermodal Logistic Park, in a facility with a wealth of infrastructures, to provide capillary and efficient transport of the goods transiting the terminal to Italy and abroad. Situated in Lombardy, a natural link for north-south and east-west traffic from Italy, the terminal is at the junction of Corridor 5 Lisbon-Kiev and the Corridor of the two seas Genova-Rotterdam, within a complex layout of coded European railway lines for combined road-rail transport, and stands out for its strategic position. The terminal offers transfer services of cargo units from truck to rail and vice versa. It offers as well an empty containers storage service.

The terminal currently handles 3 pairs of trains per day for Shuttlewise with destination the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Further connections to France, the Ligurian ports and the South of Italy are under development. The latest project T.I.MO in ha an important role is the new direct connection between Italy and China. The project maximum capacity, including the gantry cranes and the railway tracks expansion, is estimated at 9 pairs of trains per day with an estimated traffic of 150,000 UTI per year.

Route description

Finally, the last stage of La Grande Corsa. And of course we have to visit the Madona di Ghisalo (758m); the church which is a pilgrimage for many cyclist. We will climb the hill Ghisallo and visit the church and cycling museum. Perhaps the Priest will be even there to bless us….. From there on we will descent to Mortara, passing the Po area and Milano. At the terminal in Mortara this heroic ride will end. After 1.362 km, climbing 19.170 metres and crossing 7 countries it is time for a big party!

Passo del Ghisallo (758m)

Average grade: 5,7% – Length: 9,3 km – Altitude start: 232m – top: 758m – Ascent: 537m

10 years Shuttlewise by bike from Oss to Mortara. Who dares to join me on a stage of this heroic ride with 1.362 km and 19.170 metres climbing crossing 7 countries?? Or become a sponsor and support the Richard Nomden Foundation.